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Lifelong learner and living an atypical life since my early age; lately I’ve received my certification as Business Coach/Consultant. As a former IT Consultant, Yoga Instructor, Ethical Hacker, Thai Massage Therapist and Artist, leaving abroad since 2010,
  • being on and off (partly) home spouse as my wife is an international civil servant
  • being the primary caregiver of our child,
  • after the death of my father, being taken in charge by a lovely LGBTQ+ couple
  • as a kid, moving more than 15 times within 12 years
I decided to catalyst all my experience and my knowledge to transform expats spouse ideas into entrepreneurship ideas
by finding their WHY, WHAT and HOW.-
  1. Values & Missions (WHY)
  1. Strategy & Systems (HOW)
  1. Mindset & Behavior (WHAT)
by using
  1. Effective Communication
  1. Emotional Management
  1. Leadership
  1. Culture & Teams
  1. Marketing & Branding