Course Pro Note

Course Pro Note

Think about...

1. Welcome to the Program

  • introvert
  • be human
    • be vulnerable
      • play with your imperfection they will become your strengths
      • find the courage to do it
        • 🧞 Give people the opportunity to learn from you
          • THINK
            • butterfly effect
            • ripple effect
      • People care about your ability to inspire and educate them
  • teach transformation
    • from weakness to strength

Who is program for

  1. a person who lack confidence
    1. turn your failure into insights
  1. a person who already have an idea
  1. a person who already have a course

Jimmy Naraine Approach

  • Lean, Minimalist
    • hire only freelancer


  • science of transforming
  • bullet point

Actions for Today

  1. Set your intentions for this Quest
  1. Reflect on the type of Avatar you fit in


  1. it’s your responsibility to share your gifts with the world (SPEAK UP)
  1. Give people the opportunity to learn from you (SHOW UP)
  1. To succeed, you don’t
    1. have to be
      1. confident
      2. extrovert
      3. ___fill the blank
    2. need to be perfect
      1. in english
      2. ___fill the blank___
    3. need the lasted
      1. iphone
      2. micro
      3. camera
      4. idea

How to Structure Your Course

The Models of Online Learning

Unleash Your Uniqueness

How Course Creation Can Change Your Life

Why Your Fears Are an Illusion

Having the Courage to Create

Discover and Infuse Your Values Into Your Brand

Get Clear on Your Filming Options

Overcome Toxic Perfectionism

Summary of the First Part

Design Your Course

What to Teach and How to Position Yourself

Shape Your Identity for a Boost in Confidence

Design Courses That Create Shifts in Your Student

Understanding a Winning Course Structure

The Step-By-Step Content Creation Process

How to Create Captivating Content That People Love

Understand the 5 Rules of Human Transformation

Summary of the Second Part

Produce Your Course

Creating Magnetic Bonuses

Prepare Your Written Content for On-Camera Delivery

Presenting Your Course With Confidence and Charisma

Let’s Get Your "Pajama" Draft Filmed Today!

Create Your Promotional Trailer Video

Let’s Get Your Course Filmed

Summary of the Third Part

Publish and Market Your Course

Course Publishing Simplified

Learn How to Create a Landing Page

Rules of a Successful Course Launch

The Importance of Continuous Marketing

Congratulations & How to Capitalize on Having a Course