Passive Investments

Passive Investments

Think about...
I’m not an expert, but after seeing banks and brokers doing, reading books and making safe road test; I’m not confident to share with you this…
When it comes time to investing, I’m definitely a passive investor, which means I prefer lower gain than having to constantly monitoring trying to beat the market, which is, anyway, more related to chance than experience and knowledge.
Being passive investor is believing into automation, diversity, rationality and long-term vision.

Automate (3R)

Where, When, How Much

Where (your due of diligence)

  • Listen to others, but don’t believe; do your research and understand your investor profile.
    • You could blame that person, this event, the planet, and even others celestial bodies but at the end, only you and your dependants will enjoy your gains and suffers through your lost.


  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, it doesn't really matter; find your rhythm and then automate the money transfers and the investment part; the last part is easily feasible with Index Funds.

How Much

  • Don’t brake the bank, if you start with $100 quarterly, which is more or less $1 per day it’s fine.
    • Respect your budget to play safe and to enjoy it.


funds, bonds, caps, geographics, REITs,
  • Diversify your investments, different funds, bonds, R


  • If the

Long-Term Vision