Please no Pity, only Empathy

Think about...
When I say no pity, only empathy because; one of the first strong challenged I had in my life is the suicide of my dad and; after 30 years, I still have remembered what the last psychologist told me at that time: “Oh it must be super hard to be beautiful, smart, and strong like you and not being able to figure what to do ?”
While now, I’m doubting if she was sincere, or it was a technic to shake me, but it took me basically 30 years to reopen this vulnerability to someone.
And how that happened? During my coaching certification; I met Clayre who introduced me to Holly who leaded me to Jenny.
Jenny wrote a book and gave it to whom need it. Who it is, is people like me, who survive the depression of a close one and need to carry on, over.
I understand that lady who received me 30 years ago, didn't speak to the same person I am today. I also understand, I hope; that support around depression and others illness, mental or not; improved drastically over the last 3 decades.
So, what I’m asking by saying, please no pity, only empathy.
I’m asking you, today, right now, to stop; close your eyes and take a deep breath into your belly, hold it for 4, breath out and smile. Smile with your eyes; smile at me; yes your screen, at you, next time you see yourself in the mirror; at the person next to you; … to everyone … simply because you don’t know them; and maybe you don’t want to know them, and it’s ok like that; but please smile at them, notice them.
With all these emotional, revisiting our stories exercises during my certification coaching; I unfreeze a lot of experienced I had in my life; this one was probably the most significative, or at least the peak of the iceberg; or the one who chain reaction others, the weakness link of my story.
List of experience positives and negatives
  • bipolar families
  • LGBTQ+ exposure
  • Homeless
  • Pauvrety
  • Few years of staying home dad for my lovely daughter
  • Multiples and different works experiences fields
    • technology, massotherapy, teaching, coaching
What is my goal?
Reveal the fact that we are human, imperfect, impermanent, non-stable and that our unicity, our power. This is why we are here now, as a species, as a person.
Speaking with confidence of emotion and feeding forward positive feeling.
But more precisely, I want to co-create a safe space (ideally hybrid: virtual with in person pod) to deliver transformational insight to families (kids and their parents and their supporters (educators, …)) about positive communication and coaching mindset because I truly believe PQ (Positive) and EQ (Emotion) and the solutions for our ecological crisis, internet safety, obesity, over consummation and so many more.