Think about...

Make story

  • How did I get here?
  • Where you want to go

What make a great story?

  • Through a strong emotion, you already felt and make it universal



  • System are not linear
  • System make space
    • Liberate your mind of taking decision from unimportant
    • Automate your little delay problem to create better solution, be creative
  • Start from where you are (Kanban ?)
  • For: teams 5-25 staffs
  • 7 steps process
  • GOAL: free from daily operations
  • take ownership of the system
    • challenge the assumption


DONE WITH the team leader, division leader, CxO, business owner
  1. define which system is required by your CCF (Critical Client Flow)
  • out of the 100 systems possible; identify the 15-20 most important systems which help you to systemize and optimize the delivery of your product
    • systems/frameworks to put in place will depend on your issues/problems and your business areas, your goal
      • issues example: of hiring, onboarding, paying, … managing project, …


DONE WITH the leader, identify who do what (find a champion, product/service/project leader/manager)
  1. Departments, Roles & Responsibilities Chart (DRRC)
  1. Systems Assign Sheet (SAS)
  • from whom we will extract the knowledge to systemize it
    • based on the knowledge and excitement
      • document (knowledge system/wiki)


DONE WITH/BY the workers
System For System (S4S)
  1. knowledgeable worker
    1. Record what they do (task)
      1. screen flow
      2. iPhone
  1. Documentation person
    1. make a draft/1st version
  • identify the knowledge requirement
  • which steps are usually done
  • what are the exception, what need to be improved


DONE WITH the product/service/project leader/manager
Project Scaling System (PSS)
  • find the tools to implement
    • project management software
    • SOP (standard operating procedure)


DONE WITH the teams
Teams Reveller System (TAS)
  • remove roadblock
  • system culture


Business Scaling System (BSS)
DEFINE WITH the team leader, division leader, CxO, business owner
DONE WITH the product/service/project leader/manager
  • Add more system to scale
    • HR
      • hiring
      • paying


KPI Improvement Calculator
  • reengineer the system after capturing your baseline and monitoring it, then evaluate it and then optimize it.