JOduMonT ICT Expert driven by Cybersecurity

Ethical Hacker, Infrastructure Architect, IT Project Manager, System Administrator

as Certified Ethical Hacker, Cloud+ and Linux System Administrator, I …

Build, secure and maintain infrastructure physical and virtual, networks and servers;
Assist startups, NGO, NPO and SMEs to manage infrastructure, projects and IT teams;
Deploy, audit and optimize LAMP, LEPP, NOLEG, Firewall, IDS and IPS.

Conduct, identify, define and assess Best Practice, Compliance and Standard, DRP and BCP;
Advises boards and teams on their technology needs to reach their mid and long-term goals;
Trains individuals, teams and family to become more tech savvy and develop a digital awareness;
Secure, manage and install apps, data, networks, servers in the cloud, virtual and physical.